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Past life studies:

If you are on this website, I am going to take it for granted that you already know (or suspect) that you have been here on Earth before and are a believer in past lives.

If you have any doubts, please visit any bookstore and go directly to the new age or metaphysical section. There are numerous books on the subject. If you feel like you need solid proof, look no further than Ian Stevenson’s very scientifically tallied studies. You have to make this decision on your own.

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Experience a Past Life:

For children: Some children spontaneously remember past lives when they are very young. Night terrors can be a sign that your child is remembering a traumatic past life. Please find a copy of Carol Bowman’s book: Children’s Past Lives. It is an excellent source for parents. Her website is www.childpastlives.org.

For adults: There are numerous ways to experience one of your own past lives. You can try and achieve this on your own or with the help of a trained past life regression therapist. It may take several tries before something comes through for you.

  • Meditation
  • Dreams (journal your dreams as soon as you wake up)
  • Self-hypnosis (there are audio recordings and scripts in books and online)
  • Past Life Regression Therapist (look online)
  • Some traditional psychotherapists or hypnotherapists can do past life regressions too

Basically, in order to access this deep information from your past, you need to be really relaxed.

I chose to use a self-hypnosis audio CD. It took several tries for me to know that I was seeing something from the past. Most of the time, I fell asleep – it is so relaxing.

Or you can record your own script. The script I use takes you through a progressive relaxation journey where you end up in a garden and then walking through a reflection into one of your past lives. It is based on what I learned from Dr. Brian Weiss and a myriad of basic hypnosis books.

For those of you who think that hypnosis is a little scary… Being in a hypnotic state is merely focused concentration. You go in and out of a hypnotic state on a daily basis. If you ever have been driving along a common route and ended up at home, not remembering the drive OR if you were so engrossed in reading a book or watching a movie that someone startles you… those are both examples of you being in a hypnotic state.

When you remember a difficult past life, you can experience catharsis. Catharsis is a fancy word for the process of releasing and thereby providing relief from repressed emotions. This is how you heal. The healing is so deep, I believe it is done on a soul level.


Learn How to Do Past Life Regression Therapy:

While there are many books and training classes out there, I would start with Dr. Brian Weiss. He is famous for his work with past life regression therapy and is a traditional psychotherapist. He offers classes each year to specifically train those interested in past life regression therapy. I was lucky enough to attend one of his weeklong classes through Omega (located in Rhinebeck, New York.) www.BrianWeiss.com.


Some Examples of What You May Learn when You Remember a Past Life:

  • Birthmarks can be directly related to how you traumatically died in a past life. For example, I have a nearly round brown birthmark on my neck in the exact place that I remembered a lifetime where I was shot in the neck. This traumatic ending to my life surfaced as a birthmark. READ MORE on this LIFE. 
  • Phobias are known to be directly related to a past life issue, experience or death situation. I re-experienced a lifetime where I fell down a steep hillside that ultimately led to my death. I transposed this falling experience to a few other lifetimes with a fear of steps or steep areas. Sometimes, something even remotely similar from this lifetime can trigger a fear to re-appear.
  • Relationships that are close (or sometimes not so close) are repeated again and again through several lifetimes. My two children and I have experienced several happy lifetimes together. I am here enjoying time with them again in this lifetime.
  • Talents can be re-awakened through past life regression. I re-experienced a few lifetimes where I had very strong psychic abilities. In my current lifetime, I have had some experiences with seeing spirits and ghosts, had accurate premonitions and random other psychic related matter come up in this life. I trust my intuition more now.
  • Health issues can be related to a death experience in a past life. I have focused on past lives to help alleviate my asthma and it has worked very well. A lot of my lifetimes featured in my book, Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression, have some link to breathing.
  • Love of geographic location can be directly related to a past lifetime. I have experienced lifetimes all over America and in several places throughout Europe and Asia. I have loved France since I watched Mr. Rogers on television as a small child. He had an Eiffel tower and a French tiger, Grand-Père, in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. I could not wait to grow up and go to France since that time. If you have ever experienced déjà vu, having a past life would easily explain it. A lifetime I had in France was very posh. It is no wonder I love it.
  • Love or abhorrence of a certain time period can be explained by a past life. I especially love the 1920s hairstyles and clothes. This love was validated since I had a fun lifetime during the Roaring Twenties.
  • You can experience what it feels like to die and see The Light. There really are no words to describe this event. It is so different for each lifetime that is remembered. But, when you see the light… sigh… such awe… there is so much love and beauty all wrapped together. Plus, there is the added bonus that your guardian angels (or spirit guides), family members and friends are there waiting for you in The Light.
  • Heaven is so close to you after you experience your past life death. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can see and talk to your spirit guides. If you are interested, Dr. Michael Newton has written some amazing books on traveling to life between lives.
  • Sometimes, nothing happens. If you are trying the self-hypnosis or meditation route, it may take you a month or more to experience something. Have patience. You and your subconscious have to be ready for whatever you may experience. You can choose to experience only happy, easy lifetimes. I want to get the most healing out of each regression, so some of my past lives seem harsh. In my book, I explain how each lifetime affected me in other lives as well as my current one and what healing occurred for me. I know for myself, I often started with something that seemed like nothing and then it would turn into the hard part of a lifetime. Your subconscious wants to protect you, but the healing that comes, outweighs the harsh memory, no matter how hard it is. For example, I re-experienced a lifetime in which my first memory was total darkness. Seems like nothing, right? But once I delved deeper, I was actually in the dark at the bottom of a cell-like room with no escape. The darkness was the night plus the dark murky water all around me up to my waist.

No matter if you experience a lifetime or not, you always come out feeling really relaxed. And, we all need more of that.

Instead of living and learning, you learn what you lived… like a circle of life

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