Past Life Healing

The recovery of a past life, which can be healing in an emotional, spiritual and physical way, can also be a very emotional experience. It involves the complete awareness and permission of the individual who is being regressed.

Karen has worked with teens and adults, and is sensitive to the needs and restrictions of each individual’s journey. She has trained under past life regression therapist Dr. Brian L. Weiss, and is a certified hypnotheripist under the National Guild of Hypnotists.

To book a session with Karen, or to inquire about her services and/or past life regression, please visit the Classes & Services page.


Examples of What Past Life Regression Can Do for You:

  • Dissolve Birthmarks, which can be directly related to the cause of death in a past life. Learn about how Karen cleared her own birthmark through past life regression by clicking here.
  • Heal Phobias, which are known to be directly related to a past life issue, experience, or death situation.
  • Improve Relationships: We often reincarnate with the same soul group of people over and over again. Sometimes this can result in relationship issues in our current lifetime, which can be illuminated through the aid of past life regression.
  • Awaken Dormant Talents: Psychic abilities, as well as latent talents from previous lifetimes are often reawakened, relearned and remembered after past life regresion experiences.
  • Improve Health & Wellbeing: Karen has cleared her chronic asthma through past life regression.
  • Illuminate Passions such as a love for a certain geographical region that you called home in a previous lifetime. An interest in a certain culture, art or time-period can also be explored for their origins in past lives. The inverse can also be true: discovering why there is an unexplained aversion to a place, person or thing.
  • Help to Understand Death and the Afterlife: People often recall the moment of their death during a regression, which although emotional, is also healing. After the moment of death, people often recall being brought back to the after-life, where they meet with spirit guides and angels, and experience the healing Light of Unconditional Love.

It may take more than one attempt for people to experience and remember a past life. It’s important to be patient and kind to yourself, as each person is unique and the subconscious has a way of protecting us from what we may not be ready to experience.


Resources on Past Life Regression