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This is not your first time here. It may be your 5th or your 50th lifetime. What lessons are you here to learnt this time?

What is your life purpose? Take a moment to think of what brings you joy and makes you feel full of passion? This is one way we can realize why we are here and what the reason is for us to be in this lifetime.

I believe that our true selves are our souls. We take a part of our soul and allow it to lower its energy vibration (from the high vibrations of Heaven) so that it can come down to this vibrational level, Earth.

Here, we take the class of life. Earth to me is a classroom. Before we came here, we chose our lessons to learn, we chose our parents, our city and even our closest friends and possibly lovers. We choose each aspect of our life in the hopes that it will help us on our way to fully understand our life lessons.

I believe our collective ultimate goal is to give and receive love unconditionally. Once you have that, it will be like Heaven on Earth.

In seeking to find my passion, I found learning and studying about past lives. Through this I have remembered around 50 of my own past lives. I healed in this life through remembering them.

To help others feel comfortable remembering their own past lives, I wrote about 16 of mine in Life Is Just Another Class – One Soul's Journey Through Past Life Regression. It is available online via Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble.

Why are you here on Earth?

What is your joy ... your passion?


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