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Life Is Just Another Class

My book, Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression, is a true account of my soul’s journey through life, death and going into the light. I am healing the present through the past and continuing my journey as a soul. Join me as I travel through sixteen past lives and the emotional, spiritual and physical healing that transpired.


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Here is an excerpt from my book Life Is Just Another Class.

Jezebel Alexander and the Angels

It is at the end of my short life as 5 year old Jezebel Alexander. It is 1943, our neighborhood in Eastern Europe has just been bombed…

Moments later, we all float up as spirits. We are now above the roof of the apartment. I look out over the burning city and I am amazed to see angels everywhere, filling the sky. I am in awe. There are countless angels and spirits floating above the city. I cry every time I remember this scene. There is so much loving energy coming from the angels, it is overwhelming. So many children died that day. The angels came for us. The sky was filled with all the spirits of those that had died, their spirit guides and a lot of angels. They were here, hovering, waiting to help us transition back to Heaven. It is so comforting.

If everyone knew how loved we truly are and how many angels are waiting for us…

How many people would be reassured and consoled by this information alone?

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A Glimpse of Heaven During a Past Life Regression

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